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Expert advice and tips on garage door repair. Get the real facts and use them to improve your home. Learn how to use the emergency release rope and how to install weather seals and also how to avoid injuries. These are excellent tips for garage doors. You will get great help by taking a look

  • Check the garage door weather seals for wearing once a year

    You can use a simple trick to find out if the strips are worn. Just get inside the garage while there’s plenty of light outdoors and close the door. If you see sunlight coming in from the sides of the door, you will need new weather seals. Install them immediately to ensure that your door is properly protected.

  • Disconnect the opener if you have a broken garage door spring

    This is the primary protective measure you must take. If someone starts the device without knowing that the spring is broken, this can cause too much strain on the opener’s hardware and the motor and increase the risk of malfunction and serious damage. You must not operate the opener until you have a new spring in place.

  • If the door keeps reversing to open position, troubleshoot the safety sensors

    You have to ensure that the sensors get power. If they use batteries, replace the batteries right away. Clean them and especially the caps of the infrared units to ensure that they are not covered with dust or dirt. Align the sensors so that they are exactly opposite each other. If these steps do not help, the sensors will require repair or replacement.

  • Keeping Garage Door Clean

    Cleaning your garage door is something that you should do regularly. This would make it last longer as it can prevent dirt and rust from building up and slowly deteriorating your door. It would also keep the door looking presentable, which is never a bad thing. Simply mix mild household detergent with water and use this for cleaning your door, as well as the weatherstripping. You may even consider applying car wax every few months, to serve as protection from the changing weather.

  • Using emergency release feature

    Automatic garage doors have emergency release features. This will let you manually open and close the garage door in case the system stops working for some reason. This is important to avoid injuries or property damage, as well as to still have access to your garage if the garage door will not open. Check your manual to learn how to use it.

  • Keep your hands, feet and fingers away from the moving parts of the garage door and opener

    As the garage door is heavy and force is required to move it

    you should be careful around the moving parts of the mechanism of the opener and the garage door itself as if your limbs get stuck in between any of the parts, it can cause serious damage to it.

  • Install Weather Seals Well

    Garage door specialists available to deliver fast and effective solutions.Garage Door Repair Gilbert highly recommends the application of weather seals to ensure that any kind of moisture cannot go inside the garage. An effective weather seal must be positioned properly between the panels and frames of the garage door, and must be applied on the door's bottom part.  This will help save energy along the way.

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