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Understand common concepts regarding the use of your garage door. Simplified information can be found in the following answers. We reply to all your questions in an effort to help you understand your garage door and how it works.

  • How do I increase the durability of my garage door?

    Regular maintenance is the key. You can invite our technicians in for the larger garage door maintenance jobs and then do the odd bits that arise. It is important not to let any part deteriorate to the extent that it requires a complete overhaul. Sort the problem early and decisively.

  • Should I paint my wood garage door?

    When you use water resistant paint, you will protect the door from water damage and decay so this is definitely a good idea. The technicians of our garage door repair company suggest that you repaint it every year for best protection.

  • What's the point of controlling openers from a distance?

    Let's say that you're out of town and you want your father to let a repairman in to fix your dryer. You just connect with the system, open/close the garage door and are sure that the job was done and your house is secured.

  • How do I maintain natural wood garage doors?

    These days, manufacturers produce wood garage doors, which are much stronger than before due to special elaborations. They apply special coatings for higher resistance but you would need to repeat this procedure relatively often. If your location has special weather conditions and high moisture, you will need to do garage door repair frequently, check the door for mold and apply overlays to make wood resistant to rain and high humidity.

  • How can I clean my steel garage door?

    You need water and concentrated detergent to clean a steel garage door. After applying the detergent on the surface of the door, rinse it using water to remove all dirt, chalk and chemicals from the detergent. After rinsing the whole area, wipe it dry until you are satisfied with how it looks. The brighter the shine is, the cleaner it is.

  • Is it important to reinforce garage door when I am installing an automatic opener?

    It is absolutely important to properly install opener reinforcement.Otherwise, it can be seriously damaging to the garage door and will void its warranty. Garage Door Repair Gilbert experts emphasize that the reinforcement configuration differs depending on the model number and size of the garage door.

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