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Garage Door Maintenance

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Full Check and Multiple Tests

Garage Door MaintenanceOur work starts with a careful inspection of all components from the panels to the rail. We watch out for rust, deformation, wearing and other types of damage. Generally, each component deserves special attention. The cables, for example, are checked for frayed sections and cuts. We will test the spring system, the safety sensors and the opener’s force.

Lubrication, Repair and Replacement

The inspection and tests guide us to what’s next. We’ll lubricate all non-stationary metal components which are intact. These include the torsion spring, rollers, hinges and the opener's steel chain or rod, if you have a chain or screw drive unit, of course. Rely on us to fix all discovered issues. We’ll readily adjust the spring and the force of the opener. If there are worn hinges or a frayed cable, count on us for quick replacement.

With our garage door maintenance service, you will have a safely and smoothly working automatic system.

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