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Two Leading Opener Brands

03/14/2016 Back To Blog


Two Leading Opener BrandsThis brand has always been a leader in innovation. It was among the first to offer garage door openers with an internet connection. With such a device, you will be able to monitor your door and to open and close it remotely via an app installed on your smartphone. The brand has just released a line of Wi-Fi enabled units, which don’t require special accessories for internet connection. One interesting thing to note is that many of the brand's older models can get internet connectivity with the right gateway. LiftMaster offers chain, belt and screw drive openers. There is a choice between AC and DC motors. Some of the notable optional accessories include battery backup and a control panel with motion detection sensors, timer for closing the door and a lock function for blocking all signals from reaching the opener.


This is the oldest manufacturer of electric operators for garage doors in the United States. In its current range, you will find chain, belt and screw drive units. The latter are particularly popular for their high opening speed. There are models which can reach up to 12 inches per second. Most of the brand's models come with a DC motor and there is a wide range of horsepower options. The brand is best known for its Intellicode remotes. This technology changes the access code every time after the opener is used, to increase security. Another prominent feature of the brand’s openers is the GenieSense technology, which stops the motor from working when there is something wrong with the system. 

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